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OSM Shield has two classifications of chemistries, based on customer’s needs: fluorinated, and non-fluorinated.

OSM Shield’s fluorinated chemistries are PFOA-free, PFOS-free, PFC-free, and passes all third-party toxicology screening.

OSM Shield’s non-fluorinated chemistries are also PFOA-free, PFOS-free, PFC-free, and are made from 63% renewably sourced materials - truly plant-based.

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PFC can be defined as either perfluorinated or polyfluorinated compounds.

In the case of perfluorinated, these compounds are generally used in refrigerants and non-stick coatings. In the case of water repellents, perfluorinated compounds are not usually applicable.

Polyfluorinated compounds are defined as polymers that have each proton/hydrogen atom charged with fluorine. This can lead to the persistence of chemicals in the environment.

The OSM Shield Fluoropolymer Chemistry is comprised of safe concentrations of carbon, fluorine, hydrogen, oxygen, and other compounds. Through precise synthesizing and manufacturing processes, OSM Shield is able to create a fluorinated chemistry free of measurable levels of PFC's. 

The “Allowable Trace” for most PFC’s is 100 parts per million. Third party toxicology screening confirms that OSM Shield’s fluorinated chemistries are anywhere from 1,000, and in most instances, 10,000 times below the Allowable Trace. In other words, less than 10 parts per billion and undetectable. OSM Shield chemistry (both fluorinated and non-fluorinated) are compliant with all other requirements of the most stringent Restricted Substances Lists. 

OSM Shield's health, safety, and environmental focus and compliance is at both the supply chain/manufacturing level and the end product. 

All of the OSM Shield fluorinated and non-fluorinated chemistries are compliant under the REACH dossier to not have measurable levels of discharge of PFC during the synthesis or other manufacturing processes. The value is 25 ppb (parts per billion). OSM Shield is compliant.

The end products using OSM Shield non-fluorinated or fluorinated chemistries are compliant showing "Allowable Traces" of PFCs between 0 ppb (parts per billion) and 10 ppb, respectively, while the industry standards allow for 100 ppm (parts per million).

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