OSM Shield

Fiber Micro Infusion

Odor Resistant

Stain Resistant

Moisture Resistant


OSM Carpet Shield

OSM Carpet Shield is an environmentally safe, durable, low surface energy fabric treatment that revolutionizes carpet by creating amazing performance attributes. 

When applied to virtually any carpet fabric, our fiber micro infusion process transforms both fiber and carpet to repel odor, stains, and moisture. 

Our fabric conversion process does not compromise the inherent texture, comfort, or breathability of the fabric. 

Each fiber and fabric will be custom engineered to achieve the full potential of the innovation, maximizing the proprietary balance between chemistry and process. 

PFC-Free. PFOA-Free.



OSM Shield provides the maximum water resistance, stain-resistance, and odor-resistance properties for a wide range of fabrics. 

To date, the company has not identified a carpet or carpet blend that cannot be successfully treated with OSM Shield. OSM Shield protects your carpet from stains, soils, pets, kids, and much more!


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