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There are a wide variety of researchers and product developers contributing to our Zero Tolerance technology at OSM Shield. These developers range from professors at North Carolina State University to researchers at the Natick Army Center. In addition to these, a $500M global surf brand has been influential to the development of our Quick Dri technology.

The reach of OSM Shield has extended so broadly that it caught the attention of this prominent “big three” surf brand. This brand in particular is know for its true roots to the authentic and die-hard surfing market. This surf brand worked with OSM Shield on a research and development project with the goal of coming up with the fastest drying board short known to man. Its cool image attracts a wider range of consumers, ensuring that OSM Shield empowers this brand to compete in the surfing market against giants like Billabong and QuickSilver. This global surf brand accounts for $457 million in surf retail sales. 

The commercialization of surfing technology has made it harder for this brand to stay connected with its target market. The brand is meant to symbolize the laid-back surf lifestyle; one OSM Shield can contribute to through its zero tolerance performance fabric that allows the surfer to participate in the sport with extended exposure to the surf before the short wets out. Even more remarkably, increasing the dry time by 70% once the short does get wet. This is big news in the surfing industry and resonates with this surf company's customers. OSM Shield can help your company separate from the pack. 

This surf brand is working diligently to stay connected with their hardcore surfing community and the performance attributes of OSM Shield are helping to augment those efforts. Its recently appointed Hawaii sales and marketing representative stated “the brand is very strong and it's a company which is very deep in history and true to its roots as a core surfing company. It has always been at the forefront of innovative surf technology and every one in the company is passionate about making the best products possible."

We value their partnership in our development process and regard their insight on our innovative technology as a competitive advantage for this leading brand.

Check out who helped us develop some of our Zero Tolerance Technology! 

The Soldier Systems Center (SSC) at Natick Army Labs has helped OSM Shield verify some of their performance results. The Molecular Sciences and Engineering team tested a variety of OSM Shield fabrics to confirm there is indeed no change in a fabric's breathability once treated with OSM Shield. 

What is the SSC?

The United States Army Soldier Systems Center (Natick Army Labs) was created by the U.S. Department of Defense to research and develop food, clothing, shelters, airdrop systems, and other support for the U.S. Army. The SSC includes facilities designed to research and test both materials (textiles, combat rations) and human performance (human research volunteers) under simulated environmental extremes (altitude, heat, cold, wind, etc.). The requirement for improved combat rations improved body armor, new military parachuting technology, and enhanced military garments designed for a variety of environments. These efforts are ongoing. The SSC's mission statement is: Conduct research, development, acquisition and sustainment to maximize combat effectiveness and survivability of freedom's defenders.

The SSC tested OSM Shield’s water vapor resistance and airflow resistance to conclude that OSM Shield’s clothing in all types (fleece, denim, cotton) does in fact have water and airflow resistance while being comfortable. The SSC reinforces the integrity of our Zero Tolerance brand.

This company originated in Tokyo, Japan over 50 years ago and has been around the U.S. since 1981.  This company produces sports apparel with a clear goal to make athletes better.  They sponsor some of the world’s best runners, cyclists, and triathletes because they believe that by working with the best, most discriminating athletes, they can make themselves better and their products some of the best on the market.  Along with running, cycling, and triathlons, this company also has products in cross-country skiing and duathlons.  When they’re working on new products, this company won’t just invent for the sake of inventing.  They stand by innovating to learn, push boundaries, and to build greater products.  Following their founder’s footsteps and the belief in making small daily improvements to create large, impactful changes over time.  Over the past 60 years this company has had many great innovations including some industry firsts like licensed sublimated jerseys, mountain-bike specific apparel, women’s specific cycling paneling, hi-vis apparel with their iconic screaming yellow, and aero suit development.  Lastly, this company offers support to likeminded, non-profit organizations because they not only believe in what they do, they also believe in creating a better world for endurance athletes for generations to come.  

Our next partner is one of North Americas Premier Outdoor Wholesalers. OSM Shield plays the role as its OEM manufacturer and is working on developing a new premier line powered by OSM technology. 
This premier outdoor wholesaler is globally recognized and serves more then 190,000 different hunting, fishing, and camping products to 10 different countries. Founded more than 60 years ago, this wholesaler has focused its efforts on meeting customers needs and not just treating them as another name. 

OSM values this partnership and looks forward to working more with this partner. 

Our raw material firm provides innovative global textile solutions. This firm  was a success when they began in the 1970’s making polyester. They were one of the first companies to expand and sell to China. The yarns we use are also very sustainable; they encourage the entire supply chain to work together to achieve one common goal: A reprieve. For the planet.

Capabilities and services:

  1. POY-The first step in producing yarn
  2. Texturing and Air Jet Texturing-Makes the yarn strong, stretch, etc
  3. Package Dyeing-They can match your exact color
  4. Covering-Enhances the fabrics ability to stretch then recover
  5. Twisting-combining materials into yarn to make things like home furnishings!
  6. Beaming-Winding polyester and nylon, textured and flat yarn onto beams to be used by customers in warp knitting and weaving applications

One of the key partners in the OSM shield technologies is our primary end garment manufacturer.  Established in 2001, this manufacturer manufactures 1 millions plus garments a month with annual sales exceeding $60 million. With offices in New York, Bangladesh and India, it has allowed them to better source fabrics from some of the top suppliers globally. Advised and evaluated by Price Water House, and is CTPAT compliant. In addition to OSM, this company works with major brands such as Fruit of Loom, Cabelas, and Russell Athletics.

Its in-house finishing equipment from globally renowned companies has enabled OSM to refine and perfect its technology.  This high end garment manufacturer prides itself on an error free environment, while maintaining efficiency, reliability and consistency. This heavy emphasis on an error free environment reinforces the integrity of OSM Shield's Zero Tolerance brand. 


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Qingdao Karstart Textiles Co.Ltd locates in Qingdao,China as the specialized manufacturer on workwear fabric. was established in 2005.

Specialized in producing&exporting workwear fabric, Qingdao Karstart Textiles Co.Ltd is not only in weaving printing and dying, but also in high-tech & high-quality of workwear fabric. So we have built up an enviable reputation for being able to meet the increasing demands of the ever-changing textile market.

Nowadays, our fabric exports more than 20 countries gets over US 10 million per year. It also got the certification of P 84525,  EN340,  EN471,  EN531 

Our range arecoveringweaving, printing, dyeing and finishing. Main products are flame retardand fabric, waterproof fabric, anti-static fabric, camouflage fabirc, fluorescent fabric etc.

By listening carefully to our customers and reacting swiftly to their require ments we are able to provide a wide range of specialist fabrics which we combine with a level of personal service we believe is second to none.


This textile converter has been established for over 40 years and offers a wide-range of licensed and exclusive fabrics and specialty items.  This company carries a reputation of unequalled quality manufacturing and service and is considered one of the leaders in its industry.  What differentiates this company from its competitors is its ability to source and manufacture almost any fabric item through their extensive production and manufacturing network.  They can also provide finished products such as apparel, hunting blinds, camping gear, backpacks, sportswear, soft coolers, bedding, uniforms, industrial laundry products, and even tape.  If you have a product of new idea that you are looking to bring to market, this company can provide you with engineering, patent advice, CAD drawings, product samples, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, and fulfillment.  Even more important, they can provide sales and marketing for your product through their retail and wholesale distribution partners.  This company is very competitive offering great pricing, excellent quality, and timely deliveries right to your door.  For many customers they can offer one-stop-shopping for all their production needs.  Regardless if you're an entrepreneur with a new product idea looking for a custom design clothing manufacturer and final product samples or an existing company looking for an overseas import & export expert to re-manufacture and save money on an existing product, this company can help you with that.


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