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OSM Shield creates high-performance fabric finishes that are safe for both people and the environment. We utilize a combination of PFOA-free, PFOS-free chemistries to customize formulations based on fabric composition and customer performance requirements. All chemistries are classified as non-perfluorinated compounds and have passed related third-party perfluorinated compound toxicology screenings. Additionally all OSM Shield fabric finishes are ZDHC, REACH dossier, and is also aligned with the vision and mission statements of the American Chemical Society.

Our treatments can be applied to fabrics, yarns, and finished garments utilizing our proprietary and customized application processes, achieving unprecedented performance and durability. OSM Shield is proud to be the leader in the industry when it comes to applications knowledge and innovation.

OSM Shield has a fluorinated line of finishes and a non-fluorinated line of finishes, both are classified as Non-perfluorinated compound. Our fluorinated finishes are based on a monomer platform that includes perfluorinated compounds, but during the synthesizing process the perfluorinated compounds are 100% reacted or recycled. Hence, resulting in a non-perfluorinated compound formulation. Our non-fluorinated line of finishes do not have perfluorinated compounds in the monomer backbone and are also classified as Non-perfluorinated compounds.

OSM Shield also has a broad offering of other speciality high-performance finishes, including wicking formulations, antimicrobial finishes, multi-performance applications, and dual-sided performance systems.

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