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Stacked Rolls of Fabric


Safe for people & the planet

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  • CLEAR is a revolutionary cationic dye pretreatment chemistry for cellulosic fabrics that allows for increased dye uptake, controlled strike rate, recyclability of the dye bath, 50% increased throughput, 82% water savings, 40% less dyestuffs, and 50% reduction in energy usage.

  • The CLEAR chemistry eliminates the need for salt or alkali during the dyeing process and can be applied either by exhaustion or pad-dry-cure.

  • CLEAR provides 99.9% dye exhaustion and results in virtually zero effluent.

  • Significantly improved color yield

  • Epoxy free and hence non-combustible 

  • No hydrolysis 

  • Controllable strike rate

  • Effective with acid dyes, direct dyes, and reactive dyes 

  • Environmentally safe for people and the planet 

  • Requires only a single rinse cycle after dyeing 

  • No salt or alkali required 

  • Greater than 99.9% dye exhaustion 

  • Clear dye bath after dyeing allows for recyclable dye bath 

  • 50% energy savings 

  • 50% less dyestuffs 

  • 82% less water consumption

  • 50% increased throughput 

  • 50% increased return on asset (ROA)

  • Virtually zero effluent 

  • Cost effective 

  • Can be applied as a liquid emulsion on conventional tenter frame equipment using a dip-pad-dry-cure application method 

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